Manifest Your Heart’s Desire


I hope you are enjoying this delicious summer.

Use all of your senses to smell, taste, touch and listen

And be sure to remember that you are more than capable of manifesting your heart’s desire if you just decide to give it a little time, energy,

Intention and attention.


Optimistic about 2013

I am super optimistic about 2013 as I planned to focus on spaciousness, self-care and transforming my response to stress from panic to pleasure.

My current favorite quote is “being realistic is just socially acceptable pessimism.”

With intention, attention, energy and action we can create magic in our lives.

What do you plan to create this year?

Wabi Sabi Love released this January

Hi There,

After months of anticipation I am happy to announce my new book, Wabi Sabi Love is being released this January. So many of you have asked Brian and I over the years for our insights on creating lasting love. We have been together 14 years now and we continue to fall more and more in love. Why?

Looking at life the Wabi Sabi way changed us completely. We learned how to look at each other in a whole new light. I began to appreciate and even celebrate Brian’s imperfections as he steadily accepted mine. Now in Wabi Sabi Love you can create your own treasured relationship. It transforms “tired” relationships so they feel new, fresh, and exciting—like you’re on your honeymoon again! AND….even if you are not yet with your soulmate, this is a skill worth learning now.

Hope to meet you at a book signing soon!

Wabi Sabi Love: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relationships

Wabi Sabi Love: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relationships is my next book and while it doesn’t come out till January 2012 I am excited to announce that my new Wabi Sabi Love blog is now live. If you’re ready to learn the secret of a happy relationship and learn to go from “annoyed to enjoyed with your lovern” you can download the first chapter when you visit:

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